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theuniqueme's icons
28 March 2008 @ 01:48 pm
well, that was a fun show!

Below the cut I have some icons from the first two episodes, and some other ones from random other episodes made for a2a_lims.


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please comment, and credit if using :) thanks!
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theuniqueme's icons
25 February 2008 @ 06:34 pm
right, i've been very busy so haven't been able to make many icons lately. also, i'm now doing this on a laptop, so i'm sorry if some of the colours seem odd

below the jump:
15 classic doctor who
09 new doctor who
14 skins
09 misc (ashes to ashes, sweeney todd, audrey hepburn & miranda otto)

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please comment if taking, credit if using
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theuniqueme's icons
23 December 2007 @ 07:24 pm
Hello again! Just a quick Christmas post this time:

[10] Christmas Stock icons
+ [01] Header

So here it is, Merry Christmas!Collapse )

Please comment and credit if taking. Also, I'm doing this on my laptop, so if any of the colours look drastically off could you please let me know?

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
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theuniqueme's icons
27 September 2007 @ 11:36 pm
I've been saving this one up, and now I have about 100-ish icons...

Mostly old skool Doctor Who, some Little Miss Sunshine & Pride & Prejudice thrown in for good measure.

[24] Doctor Who: First Doctor era
[24] Doctor Who: Third Doctor era
[24] Doctor Who: Fourth Doctor era
[14] Doctor Who: Fifth Doctor era
[08] Film: Little Miss Sunshine
[08] Television: Pride & Prejudice

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Please comment and credit if taking anything!

And if you like what you see here, please visit my site!
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theuniqueme's icons
08 August 2007 @ 11:35 pm
I got bored and big pictures are big. So here are some layout headers and default icons! And...one of them has nothing to do with Doctor Who!! Theres also a wallpaper based on my current layout here.

Headers: (+ icon)
[02] New Doctor Who
[01] Old Doctor Who
[01] Little Miss Sunshine

[01] Doctor Who (Ten & Martha)

below the cutCollapse )